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I'm trying to follow along this tutorial to enable remote access to MySQL. The problem is, where should my.cnf file be located? I'm using Mac OS X Lion. 03/06/2016 · I don’t know why, but I was unable to get MySQL under MAMP 3.5 to read a my.cnf configuration file. I put that file in all of the usual places, but it wasn’t read. Then I tried to get it to read my configuration file by modifying this MAMP/MySQL startup script: I got those errors even though. MAMP Pro, by default, comes with a my.cnf file configured and even has an interface to allow you to edit it. For whatever reason, I haven’t been able to purchase MAMP Pro thoughI go through the process on their website but just end up with a blank screen after trying to payso I needed to figure out how to do this with just MAMP on my own. 03/04/2014 · Custom my.cnf for use with MAMP. Place this file in `/Application/MAMP/conf/` and restart MAMP - my.cnf.

在my.cnf文件的[mysqld]组中包含skip-character-set-client-handshake,一切似乎都正确配置,UTF8直通.我仍然不确定为什么[客户]组中的default-character-set = utf8没有带到这里,但我是一个新手,所以希望有人可. MySQLの設定は my.cnf というファイルに記述します。で、そのファイルはどこにあるのか?(※MAMPでインストールしたMySQLの場合) PHPの設定ファイルであるphp.iniの場所を知るには、phpinfoで確認できます。同じように、MySQLがどのmy. I¹m running MAMP on my Mac OSX box as a local way of developing. I¹m running into a slight problem that the mamp site doesn¹t talk about. The 1.5 beta1 seems to have the option skip-innodb enabled and I can¹t seem to find out where this is located to. mampは終了するときにきちんと「サーバを停止」してから終了しないと、次に立ち上げたときに正常に動かないことがあります。 そのときの対処法を毎度ググってしまってるので、いつでも見れるようにここに記録します。 同じ現象が起こった人は試してみ.

mac os 10.11.4安装mamp pro。用phpmyadmin查看数据库一切正常。当连接数据库,取出中文的数据并输出时显. Free MAMP download. MAMP PRO. MAMP PRO is the commercial, professional frontend for the classic local server environment: MAMP. With MAMP PRO you can create a separate host for each of your web projects. Install WordPress with only one click and after completion of your page, publish it directly from MAMP PRO on your live server. The php.ini file created from the template file and is located in /Library/Application Support/appsolute/MAMP PRO/conf. MySQLmy.cnf Open and edit your my.cnf template file here. There are likely several versions of MySQL available, each of them with their own template file. Changes made to your template file will be reflected your real my.cnf.

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